[Comments-gnso-rpm-pdp-phase-1-final-recommendations-07apr21] GNSO Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs Policy Development Process Phase 1 Final

Higor L. M. higor.lm at federalnic.fed.rep.br
Sat May 1 11:53:57 UTC 2021

The Federal NIC, the national operator (Registry) for the ccSLD 
.FED.REP.BR (FEDerative REPublic of BRazil), through this contribution, 
proposes modifications to the ICANN gTLD rights and competition 

1 - ICANN should create a maximum price limit for domain names that are 
not considered premium, in order to protect domain registrants from 
abusive business practices by gTLD operators.

To quote, the price increase in Uniregistry gTLDs, price increase in 
Donuts gTLDs, price increase in legacy .com and .org gTLDs.

2 - Define clearer rules about domain names that use geographic terms 
and that were approved without any debate with GAC, and can quote .gay, 
which can also refer to a small town in the United States called Gay, 
.marshalls that represents the name from a country called Marshall, but 
written in the plural.

3 - Create a program to protect public interest gTLD operations, place 
bids for public interest gTLDs, create a cheaper payment rate for these 
gTLDs and set maximum prices to protect registrants.

Examples of public interest gTLDs:

.org, .clarity, .hiv, .lgbt and etc

4 - Create a multisectoral committee to monitor the operations of public 
interest gTLDs, preventing members from being re-elected, to ensure 
greater participation.

Thank you,

Higor L.

Federal NIC

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