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Higor L. M. higor.lm at federalnic.fed.rep.br
Sat May 1 12:12:30 UTC 2021

The Federal NIC, the national operator (Registry) for the ccSLD 
.FED.REP.BR (FEDerative REPublic of BRazil), through this contribution, 
proposes modifications to the ICANN gTLD rights and competition 

The Federal NIC understands that for several years, ICANN has behaved 
strangely in relation to the New gTLDs program, which for the most part 
has been unsuccessful, has failed in relation to competition, has failed 
in relation to prices, in addition to creating a high number new gTLDs 
for low demand and low interest from registrants.

ICANN itself does not know what to do with the problematic case of the 
.wed gTLD, which had the contract revoked and has been operated by an 
EBERO for some years.

Given that ICANN created the New gTLD program to provide more Internet 
address options, more competition and more space in domain names, ICANN 
and its members should be held accountable when any decision that is 
made harms registrants of domains.

It is clear that ICANN is not working for a better Internet and is 
neglecting to oversee its operations.

A real example that ICANN is silent and negligent was the case that 
occurred a few years ago when the DNS.PT Association of Portugal, 
created to operate the .PT ccTLD, included in its statute that the 
current DNS.PT president was IANA / ICANN representative, with the aim 
of deceiving people as if ICANN itself has become a partner of DNS.PT.

At the time, ICANN / IANA was questioned several times and only after 
pressure from society, ICANN took action, issuing a note denying the 
DNS.PT Association.

 From these reports involving a new gTLD and a ccTLD, it is clear that 
ICANN is not working to make the Internet even better.


Higor L.


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