[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] AGAINST unlimited price increases

George Ellenburg george at ellenburg.email
Wed Apr 24 08:40:31 UTC 2019

I would encourage ICANN to reconsider allowing unlimited fee increases
for .INFO domains.

.INFO domains are regularly used by individuals and organizations for
non-profit purposes to provide (shock! horror!) "information" to the
general public about a person, product, place, thing, or service.

It costs next to nothing to maintain the registration for a domain since
registrations are simply records in a database. Unlimited fee increases
are nothing more than a cash-grab for an industry with high margins and
low expenses and for an industry that increasingly provides no added
value other than simply "existing".

I remember the days when registering a domain required filling out a
template and Emailing Network Solutions, then mailing in a check for $70
($35 per year, minimum of 2 years) and I welcomed the industry changes
that brought automation that ultimately lowered the costs for everybody.

Thank you for your consideration.

*George M. Ellenburg*
george at ellenburg.email <mailto:george at ellenburg.email>
GeorgeEllenburg.net <https://GeorgeEllenburg.net>
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