[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] AGAINST unlimited price increases

Harold King haroldking at exemplaryrecords.com
Fri Apr 26 05:06:00 UTC 2019


To the point: unlimited price increases will limit the ultimate adoption and diversity of new TLD in general (think long-term, broad, and startup/DIY/project needs) and put undue burden and costs upon ICANN which could be shifted to private sector.

This is bad. New TLDs are good for everyone. We need more diversity in TLDs. The public just doesn't know it yet. For example, where would .info be currently if CONSUMERS could not have afforded it 5 years ago (because only major brands with tons of investment/market/risk capital could afford it)? It would be valued as an asset rather than as a commodity, and therefore the consumer would not have hade access and the TLD would have died on the vine. No one would care and it would be worth nothing. It's economics 101.

On the other hand, allowing many cheap TLD's into market allows them each to exist to fill specific needs per naming convention (as they are designed). Meanwhile, corporations can continue to misuse and fight over .net, .com, etc. until THEY decide to fit the bill to educate the market about the new TLD's they profit from via private media campaigns. Don't put the education or managemwnt cost burden on international policing organizations like ICANN. That's just silly. Let the market and tech spec manage itself.

My two cents.


Harold King

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