[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] .org Price Caps Comment

Intechtel info at intechtel.com
Thu Apr 25 04:12:02 UTC 2019

I see the potential for some pretty bad happenings without price controls
in place for .org domains.

As many .org users are non-profit or small organizations, the ability for
registrars to arbitrarily raise rates to whatever they want poses a
big problem from the standpoint of low initial "teaser" prices for the
first year or two where the registrant invests in their site, marketing
their site, and optimizing the site only to possibly get hit with a massive
increase would leave them in an impossible situation to either pony up the
cash that they may or may not have, or abandon all the hard work they put
into their site.

The .org is a tld that should be protected from exorbitant price increases
and unscrupulous registrars looking to cash in on the prospect of a "sky's
the limit" attitude towards renewals of folks who've already poured cash
into their piece of the online world.

I urge you to rethink this course of action and leave the price caps in

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Adam Johnson
Intechtel Corporation
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