[Comments-info-renewal-18mar19] This is a bad idea!

Luke Strevig luke at edenmarketing.com
Thu Apr 25 16:04:02 UTC 2019

I concur completely with this statement and submit this excerpt as my opinion on the subject:

I write to oppose the removal of price caps on any of the “legacy” TLDs as
doing so will only create a free-for-all on limitless price increases
across the well-established board. The new GTLDs are already accepted as
alternative options with price expectations that vary greatly based on the
registry; however, current registrants of older well established extensions
are expected to maintain some level of stability. These legacy domain
names, some of which have been registered for many years, are unlike the
new mess being created and owners of these legacy names have a reasonable
expectation of affordability and stability. The old manta goes ‘if it is
not broken, you do not try and fix it.’ The vast majority of domain owners
will remain unaffected so long as the fluctuating and exorbitant prices
remain in the newer name space; there will be plenty of years ahead for
ICANN to benefit from those while allowing stability within the legacy name
space. Leave well enough alone and move forward without effecting millions
and millions of current and well established registrants who expect their
domain expenses to remain reasonable, affordable and stable.

All the best,

Luke Strevig

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