[Comments-kannada-oriya-telugu-08aug18] Integration Panel Comment on the Kannada and Telugu LGR Proposals

Asmus Freytag asmusf at ix.netcom.com
Wed Sep 5 21:21:36 UTC 2018

For Public Comment on the Kannada and Telugu LGR Proposals

In reviewing the Sinhala LGR proposal, the IP noted that the Sinhala GP 
considers the Kannada and Telugu letters distinct enough so as to not 
contain any candidates for cross-script variants.

The IP notes that the Kannada and Telugu LGR proposals contain a 
proposed cross-script relation for the letter RA as well as some 
dependent letters between the respective scripts and Sinhala. The IP is 
a bit skeptical as to whether the letter RA / RAYANNA case rises to the 
level of a variant and would like to encourage the NeoB GP to review the 

In doing so, the GP is encouraged to engage in dialog with the Sinhala 
GP and to come to a mutual understanding.

If the review by the GP concludes that the Kannada/Telugu RA and Sinhala 
RAYANNA are distinct after all, the fix would be to remove that variant 
(as well as all variants for dependent characters). If the review comes 
to the opposite conclusion, the IP would expect some added discussion in 
the LGR proposal text that better documents why it is important that 
this particular variant should be included.

-Integration Panel

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