[Comments-kannada-oriya-telugu-08aug18] Comment for Oriya domain name

GANESH CHANDRA SINGH ganeshch.singh at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 18:43:44 UTC 2018

It is nice to know that Internet Domain Names will be soon supported in
Oriya (Odia) Languuage. The same Oriya (Odia) script has been used for
Oriya language as well as many other tribal languages of Odisha such as
Munda, Kui, Ho, Juanga, Oram, Kishan, Gond, Koya etc, As such the provision
by ICANN to use Nukta (dot) for various consonants such as କ, ଖ, ଗ, ଚ, ଜ,
ଡ, ଢ etc. will enable to precisely express all those languages which use
Oriya script.
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