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Nistha ranjan Dash nistharanjandash at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 18:05:30 UTC 2018

Our Oriya alphabet owes its origin to Brahmi script and thus has both
bilabial plosive 'Ba' (ବ) and nonplosive dentolabial 'Va' (ଵ). I am really
happy to know that ICANN has included both these. As such scholars of all
sectors can find it useful. The later addition of Wa/ୱ has also been
included. Oriya is written as it is spoken and hence to avoid confusion a
perfect Oriya script requires all these letters. It's a great work that no
persons will be disappointed while asking for a domain name of their choice.

Best wishes,
Nistha Ranjan Dash
Audiologist & Speech Therapist
Ph: 9437905307
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