[Comments-korean-lgr-25jan18] I support for using Korean alphabet and Chinese characters in Internet Domain

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I don't agree about claim 'Internet users in Republic of Korea are more familiar with Hangul and Hanja than English alphabet and Arabic numbers'. Most of modern Korean texts does not contain Hanja character sets. Additionally, Hanja education in public school is optional but. English education is mandatory[https://www.moe.go.kr/boardCnts/view.do?boardID=316&boardSeq=48045&lev=0&searchType=null&statusYN=W&page=4&s=moe&m=030201&opType=N].

Also, de-facto AND de-jour Korean numeric notation is Arabic numerals, not Chinese numerals[http://www.korean.go.kr/front/onlineQna/onlineQnaView.do;front=32F6ECF3C82A9978F2F3696CE1B6BC83?mn_id=61&qna_seq=114715&pageIndex=7].

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