[Comments-net-renewal-20apr17] Proposed Net price increase

Kenny Parks kp at namepros.com
Sat May 27 19:25:55 UTC 2017


Why in the world would you even think that raising the price of .NET would
be of any value to the consumers.
Who do you serve with those huge salaries you receive? Apparently the
general public is last in your priorities.
The .Net needs to be more accessible rather than more expensive if the
space is going to flourish and grow and raising the price above the price
of COM is counter-productive.
As many others have pointed out this proposed increase benefits no-one but
yourselves and Verisign and could even be construed to have the appearance
of collusion.
You need to stop filling your own coffers and get back to doing your job,
protect the interests of the public.

Kenneth D. Parks
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