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CYRIL - CEO.Best cyril at ceo.Best
Wed Nov 21 18:39:59 UTC 2018


As the .Best CEO, I strongly believe that a substantive portion of those 
auction funds should be used to support the ngtlds industry with a 
global awareness campaign.

Indeed, a Global Awareness Campaign on NgTLDs addressing consumer can 
have a real great impact on the community.

6 years after the ngtld program and 1st round, we still need to educate 
the community.

So that, I totally support the specific proposal that would allow 15% of 
the Auction Funds to be allocated over three years to fund the hiring of 
an agency to prepare and execute a global awareness campaign.

Of course, the RFP to engage an agency, and management of the agency, 
would be handled by a steering committee comprised of qualified members 
of the ICANN community.

Also, I think that another part of the funds could also to be set to 
advertize all ngtlds (on demand) at ICANN summit First (On demand all 
ngtlds should be able to get a free booth at all ICANN SUMMIT)

I think also that ICANN should promote the ngtld program through 
external consumer web summits like websummit in Lisbon, ...

I was shocked and surprised that attending the websummit 2018 this year 
in Lisbon, only the .com and the .best was participating at the event.

The community "still" need education on the ngtld program even before 
focusing on a new round.



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