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Mon Apr 22 13:06:20 UTC 2019

22 years ago when we purchased our first purchased a .com, net and .org
there was one company with a monopoly on where, how, who can buy these
URL's.  After several years, ICANN was created along with a registry and
registrar structure create competition.  When you establish case law,
through years of legal expenses and battles, only to rip it out 20 years
later, you establish a system is built on SAND.  ICANN is now playing with
infrastructure build on sand by moving what was established, before ICANN
existed.   Remember, .com for Commercial, .net for Network, .org for
Organizations was the three options.  Now that ICANN gets its pockets lined
with new TLD's, I think it's time to investigate the whole structure of
how, who, etc. runs our infrastructure systems.  .Orgs are supposed to be
for impact or charity organizations and raising the price with no cap, is
and should be borderline criminal.  Who benefits from the increase in
pricing?  Will the service performance increase, NO, will the profits to
the company running the TLD increase, YES,  will ICANN see more money to
spend on 5 star resort gatherings or hire more pawns to accomplish nothing,
YES, will the .org owner have to pay more for the same product established
from the US Government, NO bid contract, YES.

Grouping new TLD structures with the .com,net.org is simply not fair nor
should be legal as HISTORY is an important factor when making future
direction decisions of our economy.  In physical real estate we have
grandfathering of old buildings, buildings with historical status for a
reason..  URL's should follow the same structure of historic real estate as
HISTORY and the people that fight for fairness and honesty get wiped out
later on by money hungry, likely criminal activity on the back end that
could be happening in this situation.  We should investigate the people,
process and product on the people making these decisions to determine who
really is pocketing and the reasoning behind the decisions..   Giving them
an open cart on .org should be illegal, PERIOD.

Chad Hunter
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