[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Keep Prices Regulated: "But We Would Never Do That" Has Never Prevented People From Justifying Doing It Later

Tony Evert Tony at youngdisciple.org
Thu Apr 25 19:15:32 UTC 2019

The argument "but we would never do that" has never prevented people from later doing what they are legally allowed to do if they can justify to themselves later. After all, why not?

A private company should not have the freedom to set these prices as high as they wish.

Even a non-profit like PIR has lots of ways of passing its profit through to its management in the form of salaries and bonuses while remaining a non-profit. Case in point: PIR's staff is very well compensated! (See their Form 990)

ICANN has a duty to regulate these prices as there is no competitive free-market pressure on PIR to keep prices reasonable. They are a natural monopoly.
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