[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] I am opposed to the new PIR .org agreement

Neil Fusillo sip at infinideas.com
Thu Apr 25 12:18:56 UTC 2019

The new agreement with the PIR allows for an ICANN-sponsored monopoly on 
pricing. Given that the entire FUNCTION of the .org addresses was 
originally to create an option for non-profits and lower-income 
organisations, giving the price keys of the kingdom to a single entity 
monopoly without any oversight violates the spirit upon which this TLD 
came about.

It also is a big poke in the eye to organisations all over the world who 
use this TLD as their primary identity for disseminating information and 
allowing others to reach out and connect. Many if not most of those 
organisations run on shoe-string budgets and do not fall into the same 
category that .com and .net operations fall into. Allowing a monopoly to 
price-gouge fundamentally destroys these groups' ability to prosper and 
continue their work.

Neil Fusillo
Infinideas, Inc.

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