[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Against .org price increase

Rob rob at n77.us
Thu Apr 25 12:39:04 UTC 2019

I am against removing the price caps.

The .org tld was created as a public good that operators are entrusted to
protect. The new gTLDs were "purchased" by their operators.

I own extremeperl.org. This is a free book that I operate for the public
good. I chose the .org domain precisely because it is a public good, not a
for profit book. I receive no revenue from it. When I chose the domain 15
years ago, I didn't think I would be subject to arbitrary price increases.
How many sites are there like mine? Many.

The whole concept is similar to turning over the HOA of your house to a
company that can charge what it likes. That would be stupid. The HOA is run
by a board that ensures the lowest cost for the owners by governing the
property managers.

Do not remove the price caps.

Robert Nagler
Chairman and CEO
Bivio Software, Inc.
4800 Baseline Rd E104326
Boulder, CO 80303
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