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Shada Williams shada.williams at outlook.com
Thu Apr 25 12:48:33 UTC 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen of ICANN,

Please add the voice of The Purposed Hands Foundation, to those against the removal of price caps for .org domain names for non-profits. As a starting non-profit trying to get off the ground, there is not a lot of elasticity in our ability to absorb new cost. Losing the protection of a prudent policy such as the one maintained by ICANN for these many years can be a devastating blow to our organization.

We already face many challenges. Our ability to communicate with our members through our .org domain remains our most powerful tool in providing content to our new members. A dramatic increase in cost could impair that important ability. ICANN should see the protection of non-profits as part of the important role that it plays in the system if “unique identifiers” on the internet.

Non-profit entities are not advantaged in their ability to communicate compared to for-profit corporations and entities because caps are in place. Rather, the caps protect the existence of non-profits, particularly smaller ones, of which there are many. Just as governmental units recognize and accommodate differences in non-profit and for-profit entities, so should ICANN in their management and pricing of domain names.

Non-profits in general and non-profit trade associations in particular, play vital roles in their members’ businesses and markets. Most members are for profit entities that grow because of the work of their non-profit associations. A change in the current cap policy would change the equation for so many non-profits that there would be an adverse effect, not just at the association level but in the value chain of multiple businesses. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Respectively yours,

Shadá Williams, B.A.

The Purposed Hands Foundation
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