[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Do Not Remove 10% Annum Price Increate

Paul Hocker paul at spocker.net
Thu Apr 25 13:43:37 UTC 2019

I OPPOSE any removal for the 10%/annum price increase. .ORG, .NET and .COM
are accorded a certain level of legitimacy by being the oldest non-country
TLDs which are open to registration by all members of the public. They are
intended to support the open nature of the internet as a platform -
political, social, and entrepreneurial. Removing this cap will allow
Verisign to freely price smaller entrants out of the market in favour of
larger companies which can afford to pay more for the perceived legitimacy
of a .ORG address. Verisign would have ample incentive to charge as much as
the market will bear, running contrary to ICANN's neutral purpose for
existing. Generic TLDs must remain affordable, and this is particularly the
case for charitable organizations and non-profits -- exactly the people
.ORG is meant to serve.


Paul Hocker, Eden Prairie, MN
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