[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Strongly oppose removing .org price cap

Adam Greenough adam at greenough.me
Thu Apr 25 14:19:23 UTC 2019

It is absolutely outrageous that ICANN is considering removing a price cap
already set well above inflation for a service with next-to-no innovation
that must cost less and less to run thanks to improving automation

There is surely no reason that PIR, apparently earning $90 million a year
from registrations on what is intended to be a gTLD for not-for-profits,
could possibly justify needing a more than 10% price increase.

If the move is to milk more money from large companies then surely this is
negated by the loss in smaller sales. If the aim is to reduce domain
squatting then there are alternative approaches. If the move is to ruin the
small and personal users of this popular gTLD then, well, mission
accomplished. Either way it sounds like simply like a greedy money grab.

I strongly oppose ICANN’s proposition to remove price caps on domains. If
anything I believe the contract should be revoked and control handed over
to a not-for-profit company set-up to manage the .org and bill enough to
cover their costs.

This move will set a very bad precedent for the domain market as a whole.
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