[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Do not remove price caps on .org domains

John Ritterbush jritterbush at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 14:40:07 UTC 2019

I volunteer for a local arts group that provides classes and training on
learning to create art, tools, and other things out of metal and stone.
They have no budget and put it all back into programming. The cost to
maintain a very basic website for them is cheap and I pay out of my own
pocket for them because I believe in what they do. A few years ago the
previous person managing the site lost the rights to our domain and I had
to negotiate with some scab of a human that just squats on domains for
money. I again paid out of pocket to get this domain back from them. This
is only to say that the world is full of people looking to just take
advantage of everyone so we need to make sure organizations that actually
do good can do so without paying so many extra fees to remain active and
discoverable on the web. By removing the price caps on .org domains it
creates a world where I have to start assessing the value of paying for
that out of pocket. When that price goes up, it gets harder and harder for
them to maintain the SEO and value built around that domain if it costs
significant amounts to renew each year.

Please do not remove the caps on .org domains. Many nonprofit orgs will
suffer because of this reckless choice.

Thank you,
John Ritterbush
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