[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] PRICE INCREASES ON .ORG BY ICANN

Dan bond2u at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 16:19:57 UTC 2019

The funny thing about all this is that you are interacting with technically
competent website owners and builders.  We know that your increases are
unfounded because you do nothing more except collect more money - only
because you can, not because something has actually gotten better, or that
there's more that needs to be done on your end.  Workers everywhere in the
world are living with employers that don't pay enough, so stating that
employees cost more is a lie - the bottom line is that once restrictions
are removed for pricing - you get greedy.

The entire process is automated and has been working fine for many years/
You only need a handful of employees that actually monitor anything that
requires interaction, so don't put this on functions that require anything
more.  So while you write a good story of necessity, you don't really
justify a price increase that obviously will never stop once you start.
Therefore I must say no to the increase.

If this price increase does occur, then you join the a majority of corrupt
and immoral institutions throughout the world - and that might be alright
with you, but it doesn't make you better...it makes you the same, and
that's nothing to be proud of - if you even care.

Dan Smith
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