[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Concern over price cap removal

Brian Steck brianmichaelsteck at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 21:10:27 UTC 2019


I've learned that there is a movement to remove the price cap on particular
domains (.org, .info, .biz).  I'm all for free markets, but only when there
is not a monopoly on the "product" being traded/sold.  Considering that the
registration is only coming from a small group of organizations that can
set the price, I'm very concerned about the potential price hikes that will
inevitably present themselves when there is no governance over the limit.
Given that these domain names help non profits and small businesses, I
think it's very important to protect small organizations by limiting the
price that is passed per domain, to keep the cost of owning a domain

As a website designer and owner of a small business (10 team members)
serving hundreds of clients, I am on the ground level communicating to
small business owners and non-profits and advising them.  I know that
budget is always important to them and I feel that this shift could be
detrimental to the growth of their businesses and the advancement of their
new ideas, which benefit our economy as a whole.

Please reconsider.

Thank you,

Brian Steck
steck at steckinsights.com
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