[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] .org Price Caps

James D. Fowlie jfowlie at pgdiocese.net
Thu Apr 25 17:23:12 UTC 2019

I am astonished that ICANN, knowing quite well that the purpose of the 
.org domain would encompass many types of organizations, including 
non-profits, would consider removing the price caps on .org domain names.

Many organizations have built up equity in their .org domain, and now 
could be exposed to pricing pressures, especially when less 
sophisticated users find themselves seemingly locked in to a particular 
registrar. While registrar transfers are certainly doable, they are not 
easy -- nor should they be. But they should not have to find that they 
have to keep rushing around to the cheapest registrar in order to keep 
things affordable.

There are plenty of domains that are available without price caps. 
Please don't make management more difficult for organizations that need 
whatever help they can get.

--James Fowlie

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