[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] .Org registration price increases

Cooper Francis cooper at lkcengineering.com
Thu Apr 25 17:46:22 UTC 2019

many registrants holding .org domains receive absolutely NO income from doing so.  These registrants bear the entire cost of their domain out of their own pockets.  Furthermore, their activities are purely an expression of their U.S. First Amendment Rights.  As such, it is inappropriate to allow prices for registration of .org domains to rise above the actual cost of maintaining the service plus a reasonable % profit.  Unreasonable registration fees will clearly be seen as an attempt to stifle free speech for the poorest of registrants.  Registration fees should never be allowed to be a rich source of income for those who control access to the registration of domains, especially not for .org domains.  I am the holder of several .org registrations and my profession is “Engineering Technician”.  I could hardly afford to maintain my registrations and subsequently my free speech platforms if fees were allowed to be increased excessively.  I know of many others who, like me, make no income from their domains, express their freedom of speech through their .org domains and also provide a means for many other individuals to do so.  All of these people would have little or no voice in the public square without such these .org domains.  This multitude of limited income individual registrants will be forced out of their .org domains by excessive registration fees.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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