[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Pricing for Domain Name Registrations and Registry Services (Section 2.10 of the .org renewal agreement)

Milen Nikolov eng.m.nikolov at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 10:02:38 UTC 2019

The price caps are there for a reason - instead of protecting the interest
of the public - and the .org domain space is mainly used by organizations
that one way or another serve public interest, your changes aim at
enriching the pockets of select few, pretty much holding for ransom
something that you have been entrusted with.
This is despicable - if you are aiming at a market-driven approach to the
governance of TLDs, then why pretend being a non-profit or something of
that nature (PIR, for one, claims to be a non-profit)? There are TLDs which
are already running at market prices, however, since the license to print
money did not yield much (adoption is poor), you decided to drive that
using good old mob mentality.
Shame on you.
Get educated on what and where market forces work well, and where they
don't. And didn't even think about the digital divide, didn't you?
Oh wait, you don't have a single economist among your staff?
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