[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] .ORG Increase Pricing (Opposed Increase)

Ty Carter tmcarter at ultrastat.com
Mon Apr 29 00:18:52 UTC 2019

Price increase would be warranted if there was a consolidated effort to increase additional registrars; however in light of the fact there are NO other alternative registry for the .org TLD; this type of increase is absolutely unwarranted.. There are millions or .org registrants that have been left out in the cold because of the archanie ICANN regulations on how domains are registered or squatted.  ICANN has wholeheartedly engaged in a would can only be classified as an extortion schema whereby you are now beholding to legitimate registries a sum of money; that is not, could not nor should ever be unchecked.

I would purpose those registrants be allocated a single vote and that each vote be cast as a legitimate member of said registry, thus participating in a cooperative where its members share the costs among its membership...

The registry should be a NON-PROFIT and accountable to its members; not a group of monopolistic autocracy.

I absolutely DO NOT support such a draconian rate increase that is not justifiable among its members...  There is a term for this; monopoly...

Allow other registries and other corporate stakeholders to share the responsibility... Crowdsourced, crowdfunded and appropriately price rated.


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