[council] gTLD registries' paper on new TLds

Cade,Marilyn S - LGCRP mcade at att.com
Sat Aug 9 02:09:01 UTC 2003

Milton,  I can attest that the Evaluation of the new gTLDs Task Force included highly qualified technical folks. And, yes, for myself at least, as a member of the TF, I am fully aware of the addition of new ccTLDs to the Internet over the past few years.  


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>>> Elisabeth Porteneuve <Elisabeth.Porteneuve at cetp.ipsl.fr> 
>1990 11  47 
>1991 22  69 
>1992 17  86 
>1993 23 109 
>1994 22 131 
>1995 29 160 
>1996 31 191 
>1997 47 238 

Gosh, I hope adding all those TLDs didn't harm the Internet's stability!
I sure hope that New TLD Evaluation and Planning Task Force takes a long, hard look at the effects of adding those country codes.


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