[council] Revised Resolution regarding Verisign Registry Site Finder Service

Amadeu Abril i Abril Amadeu at abril.info
Thu Sep 25 04:29:04 UTC 2003

Cade,Marilyn S - LGCRP wrote:

> Supports ICANN's actions to
> 1) monitor community reaction and experiences with the new registry service
> 2) request advice from the Security and Stability Advisory Committee and from the IAB on the impact of change introduced by the registry service of VeriSign
> 3) encourages broad participation by the community in the upcoming meeting hosted by the Security and Stability Advisory Committee
> 4) pledges its members support for the upcoming meeting

Sorry, but I fail to understand number 4). supports ICANN's actions to 
pledges...  My English does not codify it.
> Requests that ICANN 
> 1) provide a ruling of whether this service is a registry level service, in violation of existing accreditation agreements and if so, take  immediate appropriate steps to end the service until required process is undertaken; 

I'd say resolution, not ruling.

> 4) in any event, obtain a suspension of the service until the various reviews on the service are completed and presented to ICANN, whether through voluntary or involuntary means 
Where are numbers 2) & 3) ?

> Pledges to 
> 1) work cooperatively to ensure full opportunity to fully understand the service, its implications for the DNS, and what steps are needed for retroactively addressing service introduction, and proactively present a recommendation regarding the need for a formal notice and comment process in the introduction of new services at the registry level via undertaking a PDP.
Two things: I would a refernce of time. We should request for an 
immediate suspension ourselves. Not as law enforcers (we are not) but as 
a voice of the community.

And somehow I feel that we need to explain that all this has to be done 
ASAP (at least taking steps to obtain a suspension untill full decision)

Amadeu, laaaaaate at night (or early in the morning, dunno anymore...).

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