[council] Thank you for the work effort on the .net criteria

Carlos Afonso ca at rits.org.br
Thu Aug 5 14:10:37 UTC 2004

We should all thank them for their dedicated work.

Sorry I could not stay in the conference call. Could not go through via 
net2phone because of a probable change in my network settings, and my 
direct call to the conference stopped working after about 20 minutes (I 
could hear you but you could not hear me). I dialed again but the problem 
remained. Did anyone else experience the same?

At least I managed to cast my yes vote to the proposal.

fraternal regards


At 10:18 05/08/2004, Bruce Tonkin wrote:

>Hello All,
>Now that the .net subcommittee has concluded its work, I would like to
>publicly thank the
>Members of the .net subcommittee:
>Philip Sheppard
>Marc Schneider
>Ross Rader
>Cary Karp
>Lucy Nichols
>Tony Holmes
>Thomas Roessler
>And the ICANN staff members involved:
>Tina Dam
>Kurt Pritz
>Paul Verhoef
>John Jeffrey
>Dan Halloran
>Glen de Saint Gery
>In particular I would like to thank Philip Sheppard for chairing the
>committee, and Tina Dam for carrying out most of the staff support.
>Thanks also to Philip for chairing the discussion during today's GNSO
>Bruce Tonkin

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