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Ross Rader ross at tucows.com
Wed Aug 3 16:53:20 UTC 2005

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We all have many initiatives on the go - in our professional lives,
personal lives, at a constituency level, within the GNSO, at Council and
 throughout ICANN in general.

I'm starting to find it difficult to prioritize my available Council
time, which means that in turn, I'm finding it difficult to work on the
objectives that are of immediate importance to the Council and the GNSO.
I want to continue to ensure that I devote the limited time that I do
have available for ICANN matters to those that are important to my
constituency and this Council, but I'm finding it difficult in the
current environment.

I would like to suggest that we take a quick breather to come up with a
list of current objectives and projects, prioritize them and then resume
our work with the additional context that a quick re-synchronization
will bring.

By my count, we have the following projects on the go:

- - finish registry services process
- - complete substantial WHOIS work
- - review new gtld work
- - prepare GNSO review terms of reference

What am I missing? What priority do we want to assign to each?

If I'm alone in this confusion, please excuse the interruption. :) If
not, and with our chair's permission, let's try to get through this
resync quickly so that we can meet the deadlines that accompany each of
our goals. Alternatively, if anyone has any ideas as to how we can
otherwise accomplish some priority setting, please share! The outcome is
much more important to me than the process we use to reach arrive at the

Much thanks in advance,

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