[council] draft of proposed bylaw changes

Thomas Keller tom at schlund.de
Thu Aug 11 08:53:59 UTC 2005

Dear colleagues,

the registrar constituency fully supports the discussion of the proposed
bylaw changes. The particpation of the subcommittee chair of the RC  and 
the Chair of the RC at our next call would certainly be very helpful to
explore the proposed changes further. I therefore want to echo Marylins
request to invite them for next weeks call.



Am 10.08.2005 schrieb Marilyn Cade:
> Attached are the proposed bylaw changes which I referenced earlier.  As
> noted in my email, I ask that this topic be put on the agenda for discussion
> and a vote of support to forward to the Board. Thus, I ask that all
> constituency reps post this to their members and discuss the need for the
> bylaw changes so that they are informed of their members views, and can
> fully participate in the council meeting. 
> This posting meets the requirement of 7 days notice, so I am assuming that
> all of us will take advantage of the opportunity to discuss.
> I note, however, that this is not a new topic. Many of the constituencies
> and the Council discussed related issues in depth at Luxembourg. 
> I also ask that the presentation on the bylaw changes be made if possible by
> the subcommittee chair of the Registrars Constituency/Chair by inviting them
> to dial into the call for that segment of the discussion. 
> I ask that the Council Chair also consider inviting the General Counsel for
> ICANN to participate with the Council in this section of the Council call. 
> Best regards, Marilyn Cade



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