[council] GNSO Review additional comments

Thomas Keller tom at schlund.de
Fri Aug 26 08:41:49 UTC 2005


one issue that I think has not been mentioned before is related
to the workload the GNSO has. As it is the overall perception
that the GNSO policy making process should deal with arising
topics in a fast and effective manner the amount of topics must 
be considered also to have an good measure on the effectiveness.
This leads to questions all related to the issue of workload.

- How many topics has the GNSO been working on?
- How do topics arise?
- How many different persons have been involved working on topics?
- How do the constituencies handle the amount of topics?
- How do the constituencies deal with the PDP process?
- How many topics have been resolved?
- Has the amount of new topics delayed or in any other way slowed down
  the solution of already running policy processes?
- How many topics can be dealed with at the time by Council/Constituencies?
- Should new topics be taken on before old topics have been resolved?
- Should topics be able to run for a undetermined length of time?




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