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Grant FORSYTH Grant.Forsyth at team.telstraclear.co.nz
Mon Aug 29 10:55:54 UTC 2005

Bruce and Olof
I am wondering when the first Council - Staff work planning call is to be
I somehow feel that the suggested calls to happen every other week, got
smothered in the subsequent scheduled calls of Council on other substantive
I would like to request that a planning call be scheduled this week or early
next week and be open to whichever Councillors wish to join - it would be
desirable for those Councillors who intend to join the call to let Glen
My suggested agenda items for the first call would be:
1. Discussion and agreement as to more effective working relationship with
2. Production of comprehensive monthly status report (including section
identifying future possible work for Council).
(Ross Rader has raised the very real issue of the building workload and un
specified priorities)
[This is an item I am happy to spend more time (off line) developing with a
particular staff member whom Olof might want to nominate]
3. Review of staff roles and time availability - we are still waiting for
Olof to provide this to Council so that  Council can understand who is
available to work on what and what contribution can be expected from each
particular staff 
4. General discussion on improving effectiveness of reporting and support
for each Council meeting
I look forward to progressing this and building on the good work done to

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