[council] Letter from Paul Twomey regarding ICANN strategic planning process

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Tue Aug 30 01:50:06 UTC 2005

Hello All,

Below is the text from the ICANN website on the stat plan process:
Note the raw output from the sessions run by Patrick Sharry is
available, along with the list of questions considered.

In 2004, ICANN released its first strategic plan. July 2005 marks the
beginning of the six-month strategic planning cycle to revise and roll
forward the three-year plan. An outline of the process for the next six
months can be found here
</strategic-plan/consultation-process-LUX/outline-2005.pdf> .
At the Luxembourg meeting, ICANN conducted a number of consultation
sessions seeking the views of the community on the July 2006 - June 2009
Strategic Plan. Sessions were run for SOs, ACs and other constituency
groups, and general consultation sessions were conducted in English,
French and Spanish. The raw output from these sessions is attached here
</strategic-plan/consultation-process-LUX/output.pdf> . An issues paper
which summarises this output and the responses that have been received
to the questions posted on the site will be released early September.
In addition, a report </meetings/luxembourg/captioning-pf1-13jul05.htm>
by the President at the Luxembourg meeting allowed all members of the
community to understand the current status of key initiatives.
Members of the ICANN community are invited to contribute to the
consultation process by becoming involved through their constituency,
supporting organization or advisory committee, or by responding
individually to the questions that are being used in the consultation
process. This includes both the original set of questions (English
</strategic-plan/consultation-process-LUX/questions.html>  | Spanish
</strategic-plan/consultation-process-LUX/questions-spanish.html>  |
French </strategic-plan/consultation-process-LUX/questions-french.html>
) and additional questions (English
</strategic-plan/consultation-process-LUX/additional-questions.html>  |
tml>  | French
ml> ).
If you are responding to these questions via the public comment forum on
the web-site, it is not required that you respond to all the questions.
Also, if you are responding to these questions via the public comment
forum on the website, please refer to the question number (letter and
number) at the start of your answer to each question. Please write your
responses to <stratplan-questions at icann.org>. The responses can be
viewed at http://forum.icann.org/lists/stratplan-questions. 
Please respond by Friday 2 September so that your input can be included
in the issues paper that will be released in early September.

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