[council] Draft agenda for Council meeting on new gtlds

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Wed Aug 31 12:10:50 UTC 2005

Hello All,

Following on from Olof's paper on past decisions and documents
http://www.gnso.icann.org/issues/new-gtlds/new-TLDs-16aug05.pdf, , and
my posting to the Council on 15 August:
(where I have created a table of NamesCouncil/GNSO Policy, Board
decisions, and staff work - attached again to this posting for

Here is a draft agenda:

(1) Outcome of the initial introduction of new TLDs
- Current Policy supports the introduction of new gTLDs in a measured
and responsible manner, subject to evaluation of initial introduction
- choices (a) Undertake a PDP to determine policy on whether to
introduce new tlds 
          (b) Undertake a review of the current policy and see if this
policy should change based on the evaluation of new TLDsw

I personally recommend we choose option (b) - I treat this part of the
process as a policy review in the same way we are reviewing the
Transfers Policy and WHOIS Data Reminder Policy.   Option (b) would
review the initial reasons for introducing new gtlds, and the evaluation
report on new gtlds, and determine whether the policy should be changed.

(2) Policy development tasks - managed via a PDP

2.1 Objective Criteria for accepting new TLD applications
- use criteria used for .net tender, original introduction as a starting
- consider whether to place limits on the strings that can be used at
the top level

2.2 Allocation method if there are more applications than can be managed
in a single round
- options may include first-come/first-served, ballot system, auction,
or combination

2.3 Key conditions in ICANN agreement with registry operator
- use current key conditions in registry agreements as a starting point
(e.g must use ICANN accredited registrars, must treat registrars
equitably etc)

Options - run as separate PDPs, or a single PDP (with sufficient time to
collect constituency and public input).

(3) Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) pilot
- standards for IDNs have arisen since the initial introduction of new
- I recommend that the introduction of IDN strings in the root be
treated separately to the process of continuing to roll out new ASCII
based gtlds
- I recommend that ICANN initiate a limited introduction of IDNs in the
root as a pilot project in collaboration with input from the ccNSO and
- an implementation committee could be established to propose a pilot
program with criteria to be evaluated
- this proposal would be subject to public review

Bruce Tonkin

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