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Wed Aug 31 22:31:49 UTC 2005

Dear Council members

The call has been booked  for Tuesday 6 September, Coordinated Universal 
Time UTC 10:00

(6:00 Washington DC, 7:00 Buenos Aires, 12:00 Brussels,  17:00 Phnom 
Penh, 20:00 Melbourne, 22:00 Auckland)
For other places see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ 

Please let me know if you do NOT  receive the invitation with the number.

Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

Bruce Tonkin wrote:

>Hello All,
>Several Council members have suggested setting up a regular
>administrative/planning call.
>The purpose of the call would be to plan the work of the GNSO Council,
>and work with the ICANN staff manager (Olof Nordling) to allocate
>appropriate staff resources to this Council work.
>I would like to work towards:
>- a 4 month plan of projects that have GNSO and staff resources
>allocated to them
>- a 12 month plan that includes projects that are not able to be
>resourced in the current 4 month period, plus an estimate of possible
>work items that may arise in the next 12 months
>- a 3 year plan that identifies major policy issues that may arise in
>the next 3 years
>The 12 month and 3 year plans will help provide input into ICANN overall
>operational and strategic planning process.
>The 4 month plan will also prioritise projects in order of importance.
>We need to incorporate recommendations from the GNSO Council review into
>the planning process.
>Once we have a clearer planning framework, we can then consistently
>report progress against that framework.   The reporting can be used to
>report activities to the Board and wider community (perhaps we can work
>towards a newsletter every 4 months for the GNSO community, as well as
>an annual report on projects).
>As Grant has raised this issue several times, and also carried out a
>detailed review of the ICANN operational plan, I hope that Grant will
>volunteer to chair a series of planning meetings.
>Hopefully by the Vancouver meeting we will have a document that has
>details for a 4 month plan, and then some short descriptions of 12 month
>and 3 month views.
>Note the planning process will not be creating any new policies, but
>merely planning work on policies that have been discussed within regular
>council meetings.  The outputs of the planning process would be shared
>with the full Council.
>I recommend an initial call next week for those Councillors that wish to
>be involved:
>E.g Tuesday 6 September, Coordinated Universal Time UTC 10:00
>(6:00 Washington DC, 12:00 Brussels, 20:00 Melbourne, 22:00 Auckland)
>Bruce Tonkin

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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