[council] GNSO Review TOR + Background Information

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Wed Aug 31 19:54:57 UTC 2005

I'll be looking at this tonight.  And providing any essential comments. 


Fully respecting that timelines are right, let me make a constructive
suggestion regarding when the Board receives the "document". 


As I understand this situation, Liz, as the staff supporting this work item,
has already sent the document to the Board in its earliest iteration. 


The Council has established a work program on this topic that Council is
guiding, supported by staff.


So, for this iteration, perhaps Bruce, you could consider the advisability
of sending along a courtesy email to the Board advising them of the very
tight lines, and noting the date when they will get the document. Since it
is going to be discussed in an interactive and collegial manner, in the
spirit of multi stakeholderism that embodies ICANN, the Board members and
the Councilors will be able to interact and dialogue and discuss questions
that the Board - or that we as Council have.. 


So, this isn't actually a document that they have to delve into in great
detail before hand. Of course they need it a few days ahead.  Yet, as a
courtesy, and in keeping our Board informed, such an advisory note of the
time line challenges may be useful.




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Thank you to everyone who has provided comments so far.  Please find
attached two documents.  As per input from the conference call last week, I
have separated out the background information and devised another document
which looks more like a more formal TOR.


Could I ask you to review it - the Chair has asked for comments to be in by
Friday 2 Sept Brussels COB.   He will then forward an updated document to
the Board for 8 Sept once any additional comments are taken into account. 


On the current timeframe, this means that the Board will not receive the
document seven days prior to any meeting.


Any questions, come back to me.


Kind regards.






Liz Williams

Senior Policy Counselor

ICANN - Brussels

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