[council] Draft Agenda for Council meeting Thursday 13 January 2005

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
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Dear all,

Please note that Philip Sheppard was submitting this request for an Issues
Report, which is the first step to examining an issue, on behalf of the BC. 

Council's task, once an Issues Report is received, is to then determine
whether a PDP is indicated. 

It is important to remember that even when sometimes one might like to think
that an issue is only between registrars and registries, in fact, it is
users -- of all varieties -- who are affected. As of course, we all know
about transfers and deletes. Registrars and registries do not exist in and
unto themselves, but because there are users who rely upon their services to
register domain names, etc. etc. 

Thus, it is always important to include the user perspective -- and the BC
agrees that User is a broad term that encompasses users of all varieties --
from individuals, to NGOs, to companies, to even governments when they are

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On 1/5/2005 6:57 PM Ken Stubbs noted that:
> Fellow councilors
> i believe that these are issues that need to be worked out between the 
> Registries and  Registrars (with the assistance of  ICANN staff).
> I don't really see the need for creation of consensus policies (as 
> outlined in Philip's e-mail) to deal with these issues.

I don't believe that Philip was calling for a PDP, rather, my 
understanding is that he is calling for a analysis of the salient issues 
so the GNSO Council could decide if a PDP is appropriate. My comments 
were meant to limit the scope of this analysis to the policy failures 
that led to Philip's observations without including business model or 
operation practice.

Given the proper foundation, I think this is a perfectly healthy 



"In the modern world the intelligence of public opinion is the one 
indispensable condition for social progress."
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