[council] re proposed resolution for issues report on deleted names

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Fri Jan 7 08:58:06 UTC 2005

thank you for your clarity in distinguishing between the two issues that are
associated with the draft resolution.

The first, as you say, is the allocation mechanism by which market-savvy
registrars obtain valuable deleted names for re-sale.
The second, is the means by which these are sold to new registrants and the
resulting profit share.

I agree these are two issues.
I am less convinced that the first only is an issue that needs investigating
and that all is well with respect to the second.
I, and I guess fellow Council members, would like to learn more about that
second issue.
What is the best way we achieve this learning?
I had thought that an issues report might be the mechanism but I am open to


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