[council] re proposed resolution for issues report on deleted names

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Mon Jan 10 02:05:52 UTC 2005

Hello Philip,

> I, and I guess fellow Council members, would like to learn 
> more about that second issue.
> What is the best way we achieve this learning?
> I had thought that an issues report might be the mechanism 
> but I am open to suggestions.

An issues report is an effective way of analyzing an issue prior to
deciding whether to commence policy development.   

However when the Council initiates an issues report the Council does
need to consider that the ICANN staff resources are limited.  In the
past we have tended to commission an issues report when there have been
significant complaints raised by registrars, registrants, or general
Internet users.   As part of an issues report the ICANN General Counsel
must also indicate whether an issue is within ICANN's mission.    

>From the strategic plan:
"ICANN has been established to serve the Internet community in
maintaining the stability and security of the Internet's unique
identifier systems, while fostering competition where appropriate to
give Internet users greater choice at optimal cost"

With respect to the first issue around contention for desirable names at
the registry - there have been significant complaints/discussions raised
by registrars over this issue in the past two years.   There was also a
workshop held at the Cape Town meeting on this topic.

So with respect to the second issue (either the sale of names in the
secondary market, or the sale of names during the auto-renew grace
period) that you raise, are you aware of complaints that would relate to
the ICANN mission?  Before deciding to commission an issues report in
this area,  we could get the ICANN staff to brief the Council on the
nature of complaints in this area.

Bruce Tonkin

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