[council] Draft Agenda for GNSO Council teleconference - Thursday 17 March 2005

Thomas Keller tom at schlund.de
Wed Mar 9 09:51:56 UTC 2005

Marilyn, all,

I would be very supportive of such an approach. Large setups like the
breakfast are always likely to be dominated by few persons which is
not necessarily bad but certainly does not serve the main purpose of
this meeting which I always viewed to be a good opportunity to get to 
know each other better and exchange ideas. Unfortunally exactly this does
not really happen. In light of this the idea of breaking up into smaller
groups seems to be a good one. Maybe we should even consider (and I have
to admit that this is a very very selfish suggestion ;)) to move the meeting 
from the early morning to lunch time. Afterall not all people are early
birds and trying to interact with someone half asleep (i.e. myself) isn't 
really productive.



Am 08.03.2005 schrieb Marilyn Cade:
> Is the development of the agenda for the bfkt with the ICANN BD/staff included in item one?
> But a few other thoughts: how to improve and strenghten the interaction between bd mmbrs and Councilors.
> There are ways to change and improve that bkft opportunity through changing process as well as substance.
> I wonder if we can find a way to have this more inclusive of repts from. Bd mmbrs, such as a rept from the SSAC chair, chair of BD governance committeen etc. And have a real discussion.... We should use some of our Sunday mtg then to finalize what msges the Council gives..... 
> Or we could use a very different format and actually break up around round tables, assign seats so we have diversity at each tble, and focus on dialogue AT the tble.  Have a pre-set few table topics. We need to focus on devlop'g relationships with BD Mmbrs. ... The approach we are using in the bkft doesn't advance true dialogue.  
> What do other Councilors think?
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> Subject: [council] Draft Agenda for GNSO Council teleconference - Thursday 17 March 2005
> Draft Agenda for Council meeting Thursday 17 February 2005
> Coordinated Universal Time UTC 19:00
> (11am Los Angeles, 2pm Washington DC, 7pm London, 6am (next day)
> Melbourne ) 
> Item 1: Approval of minutes
> Item 2: Update on WHOIS task force
> Item 3: Planning for ICANN meetings in Mar Del Plata
> - meeting with GAC
> - GNSO operational and strategic planning
> - input to ICANN public forums on strategic plan
> - GNSO public forum
> - Joint GNSO Council/WHOIS task force meeting
> Item 4: Progress report on Election for ICANN Board seat #14 (currently
> held by Michael
> Palage)
> Item 5: Update from ICANN staff on new appointments (introduce Olof
> Nordling)
> Item 6: Any other business
> Regards,
> Marilyn Cade



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