[council] Biographies for GNSO Council members

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 23 13:44:35 UTC 2005

Alick, nice thought, but just an FYI, not everyone wants their pic on the
bios. :-) Perhaps it needs to be optional.

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Hello All

I support Bruce's request, and would like to suggest that each bio should
include a passport photo. Some people remember people by name, but other
remember people by sight. A photo also gives additional information about
people who we might never meet face to face, only in e-mail lists and on

Alick Wilson

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Hello All,

As we begin to meet more with other committees/Boards within the ICANN
E.g Government Advisory Committee, ICANN Board, ccNSO, etc

I think it would be worth having short biographies for each of the Council
members. This can save some time when introducing ourselves during
face-to-face meetings.  We can provide the written bios in advance and then
simply identify ourselves by name.

Example of existing collections of biographies are:
Biographies for the ICANN Board: http://www.icann.org/general/board.html

Biographies of the 2004 Nominating Committee:

For the purposes of the GNSO, I think a biography should include:
- qualifications/expertise
- home base (city, country)
- current employer and position held with that employer, or business type
(if self employed) (links to relevant website)
- geographic regions of operation for your employer, or your business
- associated constituency within GNSO Council (links to constituency
- membership of task forces etc

Essentially we want to demonstrate the breadth of expertise and geographic
representation on the GNSO Council.

Here is an example for myself:

Bruce Tonkin has a B.E and PhD in electrical and electronic engineering,
and is based in Melbourne, Australia.   Bruce is currently Chief
Technology Officer at Melbourne IT Limited (http://www.melbourneit.com.au),
which is a global domain name registrar for gtlds and cctlds with offices in
Australia, New Zealand, United
States of America, United Kingdom, Sweden, France, and Spain.   Bruce
has been elected to the GNSO Council by the GNSO's Registrars Constituency
(http://www.gnso.icann.org/registrars/), which consists of ICANN accredited
registrars, and is currently the chair of the GNSO Council.

Please provide the GNSO Secretariat with a short biography for use in the
ICANN meetings in Mar Del Plata.

Bruce Tonkin

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