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Dear All,

This is just to give you a rough orientation. Attached please find a 
skeleton plan of meetings that are particularly related to the GNSO. I 
do not have the names of all the rooms nor do I have confirmation of 
times, but as soon as they become available I will fill them in and make 

See the agendas for the GNSO Council meeting and the joint Board meeting 
on Monday 28 November at the end of the e-mail.

A separate list of the documents that will be waiting for you in 
Vancouver will follow on the council list.

Thanks and safe trips!
Kind regards

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

GNSO Council meeting in Vancouver
28 November 2005
9:00 to 12:00 local time

Item 1: Approval of minutes
- GNSO Council teleconference - 13 October 2005
- GNSO Council teleconference - 20 October 2005

Item 2: Staff action items
- list of current GNSO work items
- update from Glen on Vancouver meeting schedule

Item 3: Election of GNSO Council chair
- Bruce Tonkin has been nominated and seconded
- term from 18 Nov 2005 until one month after 2005 AGM (4 Jan 2006)

Item 4: Evaluation of new gtlds (.biz, .info etc as well as .travel,
.jobs. .mobi etc)
- update on questions to structure the evaluation

Item 5: Policy Development Process for new gtlds
- discuss issues report
- decide whether to commence a PDP

Item 6: Policy development for IDNs
- discuss background document
- decide whether to formally request an issues report
section 1 - Raising an Issue
section 2 - Creation of the Issue Report

Item 7: WHOIS: Final Recommendation regarding handling conflicts between
a registrar/registry's legal obligations under privacy laws and their
contractual obligations to ICANN
- vote on final recommendation as completed by the WHOIS task force on
19 Oct

Item 8: WHOIS task force
- progress on purpose and definitions of contacts

Item 9: Update on GNSO strategic plan

Item 10: Update on GNSO operational plan

Item 11: Any other business

GNSO Council/ICANN Board meeting in Vancouver
28 November 2005
14:00 to 17:00 local time

1 GNSO Council work plan for November 2005 to March 2006  (60% of
meeting time)

1.1  Evaluation of initial introduction of new gtlds, including:
.biz, .info, .name, .coop, .aero, .museum, .coop, .jobs, .travel, .mobi

1.2 Policy Development Process (PDP) for new ASCII gTLDs, including:
- whether to create new ASCII gTLDs
- what criteria to apply to new ASCII gTLD applications
- what allocation method to use to prioritise applications
- what conditions should apply to new gTLD operators

1.3 Policy Development Process for IDN based gTLDs (in collaboration
with the ccNSO)
- examples of issues include:
- whether existing ASCII gTLD operator should also be able to operate a
IDN version of the ASCII strong.   If so, should a name.ASCII resolve to
the same Internet location as name.IDN
- should an new IDN gTLD operator be able to compete directly against an
existing ASCII gTLD operator by choosing a string with exactly the same
meaning  (e.g .travel in Chinese).  If so, how do we ensure that the
implement is secure (ie two domain names with apparently the same
meaning, but with different destinations).

1.4 WHOIS policy

2 GNSO work program for April 2006 to November 2006  (20% of meeting
- further work on the above where necessary e.g IDN based gTLD pilot
- e.g compliance/enforcement policies

3 GNSO strategic planning for Nov 2006 to Nov 2008   (20% of meeting
- this item will build on the work done by Patrick Sharry with the
Council in Luxembourg on identifying some of the strategic policy issues
for the GNSO
- policy implications of DNSSEC
- policy implications of use of DNS to support voice over IP
applications and more advanced instant messaging applications

I welcome any suggested changes to the agenda.

Bruce Tonkin

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