[council] List of GNSO documents for Vancouver

Maria Farrell maria.farrell at icann.org
Thu Nov 24 11:56:19 UTC 2005

Dear all,
As promised on this week's GNSO Council planning call, below is the current
list of documents for Vancouver.  
Urls of currently unavailable documents will be circulated as they are
posted. I also attach the agendas for the GNSO Council meeting and
GNSO/Board meeting on Monday 28 November. 
All the best, Maria
GNSO Council


List of working, planning and background documents for the ICANN meeting in
Vancouver, November/December 2005


These documents will be available at the Vancouver meeting in hard copy and
electronic versions, and distributed to each GNSO Councilor / WHOIS Task
Force member as appropriate.  


To assist GNSO Councilors / WHOIS Task Force members who are unable to
attend the ICANN meeting in Vancouver, the urls of each document have been
provided.  Where the documents have not yet been posted to the ICANN
website, the url will follow as soon as possible. 



 GNSO Agendas

GNSO/Board agenda - Monday 28 November

GNSO Council agenda - Monday 28 November


GNSO previous minutes

Minutes quoted in 28 November meeting agenda: 

13 October minutes -

20 October minutes -


GNSO Strategic Objectives (draft) produced by Bruce, staff is providing
informational input (to be posted)  

GNSO Operational Plan - up to date version (to be posted)


GNSO New Councilor materials

Description of work of GNSO Councilor

Not yet available online


Excerpt from ICANN Bylaws detailing role & functioning of GNSO





GNSO Review 

GNSO Review Terms of Reference -


GNSO Review background documents -



New gTLDs

Discussion document on Additional evaluation of new TLDs, discussion
document in draft, latest version (22 November 2005) -

Issues Report - Introduction of New Top Level Domains:





IDN background paper -



WHOIS Task Force

WHOIS task force report (Rec. 2 on national laws) - 


WHOIS Task Force Terms of Reference: GNSO Council draft minutes, 2 June 2005
-  <http://www.gnso.icann.org/mailing-lists/archives/council/msg01005.html>




WHOIS Accuracy Working Group

Accuracy working group - 1st call, CALL NOTES - 5 October 2005 (adjourned
from 29 September 2005)

Not yet available online



WHOIS ACCURACY WORKING GROUP - results of the 1st Working Group (WG) meeting
(5th October, 2005) and suggested next steps 

Not yet available online






WIPO letter to Vint Cerf, November 15, 2005  -



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