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Your comments and those I made seem similar in outcome.


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Hello Marilyn,

> As to whether a drop dead date is the right answer, one has 
> to be very mature in consideration of policy development. 
> Sometimes, the right answer is 'not now, but perhaps in the 
> future", and schedule a "next assessment".
> Perhaps that is what you are recommending -- I wasn't sure.

A PDP ties up significant staff and community resources.  I am proposing
that a particular PDP conclude after a certain drop dead date if
agreement can't be reached.  To start again would require the full
process for initiating a PDP - formal vote and prioritisation.

It would certainly be appropriate to consider putting a matter on hold,
and reviewing it again at some future date (perhaps after public
policy/laws become clearer on a matter for example, or when further
technical developments arise).

It is a similar process for companies doing development or R&D.  They
allocate resources for a particular project for a particular period (and

Bruce Tonkin

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