[council] Ad promotion of Call for Papers on new gTLDs

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Tue Jan 10 19:28:32 UTC 2006

I don't think we ever agreed that someone would read a paper, similar to an
academic conference. We were clear that we would provide opportunities for
summary presentations/discussions of contributions on some basis. But I
would expect us to get some contributions that aren't suitable for the two
two hour forums, but still valid and useful contributions to be read. For
instance, if we got a doctoral thesis as a contribution -- DON'T Laugh,
could happen--that is not a suitable presentation format for the conference
calls we are planning. We asked for respondents to address the questions in
the ToR, so hopefully, that will be the majority of contributions. 


And, just to comment on your question, Cary -- in the ITU, and other
intergovernmental for a, and in many industry forums, we often request the
contribution of papers on a topic. Next Generation Networks comes to mind,
for one. Wireless, for another. The online privacy and spam conferences I've
helped to organize in the past often requested positions or papers ahead of


However, I think we committed to real time transcription of the discussions,
not merely an audio record. I assume that means that we'll have both MP3,
and the transcription, which is very useful for non native English speakers.





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> in order to promote the Call for Papers to an audience beyond the

> faithful readers of the ICANN website, we are placing ads in international

> press, due to be published on Friday this week.


At least in the academic frame of reference (is there any other 

where papers are an established production format?) the incentive to 

respond to a formal call for papers depends directly on the 

attractiveness of the publication venue. Being read aloud during a 

telephone conference with a dozen or so participants is probably not 

going to be regarded as a sufficiently compelling mode of 

presentation by many people lacking prior familiarity with the GNSO 

Council and the way ICANN does things.


At the very least, I hope you are advertising the fact that a 

lasting audio record of the meeting at which the things will be read 

will be made public. It isn't clear to me on the basis of the 

previous description of this action that it is your intention for 

the authors to read their own papers. It might also be a good idea 

not to leave any margin for misinterpretation of this in the ads.



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