[council] Advertisement of the Call for Papers for the PDP on new gTLDs

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
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Excellent! I am quite pleased to see this step, Olof, and appreciate your
sharing the ad with the Council. 


It occurs to me that we should also provide a Council communication to the
other SOs and Advisory Committees, shouldn't we? I think perhaps we take for
granted that one SO "knows" what another SO is doing. We've spoken about
this before, and my recommendation as a Councilor, is that it is the Council
that undertakes the interaction with its sister organizations, rather than
staff to staff, or staff to SO.  Of course, it will be supported by staff. 


Bruce, can we discuss on our upcoming Council call, our plans, as Council,
for that interaction? It should be part of our work plan. Olof, does that
make sense to you to include it as a heading in the "work plan" that we are
committed to establishing, per our Council resolution on this topic? 


Best regards, Marilyn


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Dear all,


FYI - In order to promote the Call for Papers regarding new gTLDs,
advertisements will appear in international press as follows: 


Thursday 12 January: Wall Street Journal (all editions, i.e. US, Europe and
Asia), International Herald Tribune

Friday 13 January: The Economist, Financial Times, Business Day


The FT ad is attached. The text is the same for the other ads, but
layout/format varies somewhat depending on the requirements and
specifications of the respective publications.


Best regards




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