[council] CHANGE DATE: Draft2 Agenda for GNSO Council meeting - Monday 6 February 2006

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Mon Jan 23 12:08:40 UTC 2006

 Hello All,

As a couple of Council members have requested the meeting be a day
earlier to avoid clashes with other commitments, I have moved the
meeting forward one day.

I have also added the topic of "Statements of interest" to the end of
the agenda.


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Hello All,

In view of the need to keep the work going on the topic of policy issues
arising from the proposed changes to the .com agreement, as well as the
work on new gTLDs, I recommend that we schedule another conference call
following receipt of the Issues Report, and following the conclusion of
the period for constituency statements on new gTLDS.

Draft Agenda for Council meeting Monday 6 February 2006

Coordinated Universal Time UTC 19:00

(11am Los Angeles, 2pm Washington DC, 7pm London, 6am (next day)
Melbourne ) 

Item 1: Approval of minutes of 17 January 2006

Item 2: Issues Report on policy issues raised in the proposed .com
- consider the issues report (due 1 Feb 2006)
- decide whether to initiate the PDP
(see "Initiation of PDP" in section 3, Annex A, of the ICANN bylaws)

Item 3: Initial Report on new gTLDs
- consider cosnsitutency statements and public comments (due 31 Jan
- discuss content of Initial Report (due on 15 Feb 2006) (see section 8
(c), Annex A, of the ICANN bylaws)

Item 4: Next meeting - 21 Feb 2006
- Consider holding a two day physical meeting around 21 Feb 2006 in
Washington, DC to advance the work on policy issues in items 2 and 3
- note the Final Report on new gTLDs is due on 15 March 2006 (see
section 9 (c), Annex A, of the ICANN bylaws)

Item 5: Statements of interest

Item 6: Any other business

Bruce Tonkin

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