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Thanks for the update.  Could I kindly ask for your confirmation on these
two matters:

1) I understand that the President Committe is fairly new, may I ask who is
represented on the committee?
2) I was also not aware that John was involved in the 'testbed' scenario
until I saw the attachment you sent, based on some of his responses in the
Council meeting.  Would he be working on that with you.

Many thanks ahead,

On 26/01/06, Cary Karp <ck at nic.museum> wrote:
> > We formally requested an issues report on IDN's in Vancouver.  However
> > we were informed that there was some other work going on via the
> > President's committee and also work within the IAB that would help in
> > the development of that report.
> >
> > I expect we should have the report for our meeting in Wellington, but as
> > IDN's is a large and very specialised topic I don't see that being on
> > the agenda for the meeting in Washington.
> The President's Committee was planning to meet earlier this week but
> was rescheduled to 8 Feb. In the interim, the version of the IAB
> "nextsteps" draft to which John Klensin and Patrik Fältström made
> reference during our last meeting will be released. I will post notice
> of its availability and suggest that the Council members review it
> with a thought to its discussion at our own next meeting (hereby
> proposing a corresponding agenda item). Since the President's
> Committee will be meeting two days thereafter, we may wish to use the
> opportunity to communicate our own recent thinking.
> Also, at the two most recent Council meetings reference was made to
> the development of an experiment for determining suitable means for
> the support of IDN on the top-level of the DNS. Upon listening to the
> MP3s of those meetings I note that we failed to make an adequate
> distinction between the IAB draft and the outline of the experiment
> prepared directly by John. I have therefore (with John's permission)
> attached a copy of the latter document to the present message.
> /Cary

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