[council] Proposed WHOIS motion for 20 July 2006-- suggested edits and proposal for working with the ccTLD managers and SSAC

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 18 02:51:46 UTC 2006

I posted earlier to the Council several suggestions, and included a new
draft of the resolution. It is pasted below, for simple clarity.... this is
what my substitute text looks like, without mark up. I did post a marked up
version, but I understand that is confusing in plain text.

So, consider this a substitute text to the chairman's draft/redraft:  

(3) The Council will undertake a dialogue with governments, via the GAC, and
to include the SSAC, to work towards developing a broadly understandable
definition of the purposes for which the current data required in the
Registrar Accreditation Agreement (see clause 3.4 of
http://www.icann.org/registrars/ra-agreement-17may01.htm ), as listed below,
is collected, retained and used.

The dialogue should seek to examine and understand consumer protection,
privacy/data protection and law enforcement views and perspectives and
concerns, taking into account ICANN's mission and core values.

In addition, to inform the Council's deliberations, this dialogue and
examination should include gathering information and discourse with a
representative group of ccTLD managers regarding their policies and rules of
access to ccTLD data, and relevant national laws.

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